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1. 2016 CERT training schedules 

2. How to get a ham radio licence

3. Red Cross shelter operations

4. Large Animal Evacuation Group

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CEC utilizes the ICS organizational structure.

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 Emergency Preparedness Partners 


1. Coastside Emergency Action Program (CEAP) 

2. City of Half Moon Bay Emergency Preparedness 

3. South Skyline Emergency Preparedness Organization (SSEPO)   

4. Citizens Emergency and Response Preparedness Program (CERPP) 

5. Pescadero Municipal Advisory

6. Mid-Coast Council 

7. Half Moon Bay Amateur Radio Club

8. SC4 Amateur Radio club 

9. Large Animal Evacuation Group

10. La Honda Disaster Prep




Riding The Storm Local landslides & weather are primary causes of disasters


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The Daily Journal - Prepping the  Coast for a Disaster



1. What is CEC? & How to Join?

2. Additional Coastside Emergency Prep Podcasts

3. National Podcast - The Disaster Podcast 


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Winter Storm Flyer (English) 

Winter Storm Flyer (Spanish)

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SMC Alert


Weather Watches, Warnings and Advisories


West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center


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Natural Hazards in Your Area


**Pescadero: Emergency INFO HOTLINE call:  650-879-2165 

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 Welcome to CEC!


The primary objective of the Coastside Emergency Corps (CEC) is to serve the public interest through the advancement of community emergency preparedness within the Coastside area of San Mateo County.

The mission of the CEC is to provide support to the many volunteer organizations in the Coastside area of San Mateo County by bringing them together for integrated training and information sharing such that in the case of an emergency, these organizations will be able to work together in a productive and effective manner in providing assistance to our first responders.

CEC support includes emergency response, training and drills in cooperation with public safety agencies, fire personnel, local and state EMS agencies, San Mateo County Sheriff's Homeland Security Division, OES (Office of Emergency Services, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the city of Half Moon Bay.


The CEC Coastside is divided into 4 sections called Branches, as follows:

Branch 1:  Tom Lantos Tunnels to Frenchman's Creek (Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada)

Branch 2:  Frenchman's Creek to Tunitas Creek (Half Moon Bay)

Branch 3:  Tunitas Creek to the Santa Cruz County line (La Honda, Loma Mar, Pescadero)

 *  Branch 4:  South Skyline (Portola Heights, Castanea Ridge and other small communities along Skyline Blvd.)


Standing Committees are major volunteer organizations that are affiliated with the CEC and are activated as needed during an emergency.  Currently, there are six CEC Standing Committees:  (for more information on each of the Standing Committees, see link)

      *  Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 

      *  Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

      *  Large Animal Evacuation Group (SMCLAEG)

      *  Red Cross

      *  Peninsula Humane Society (PHS)

      *  Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART)


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The CEC consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, whose primary responsibility is to bring together the leaders of the major volunteer groups on the coastside for training and communication.  The CEC is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  Currently, there is an interim Board of Directors until elections in November of 2018.  The interim Board of Directors is as follows:

* President:  Jeneen Sommers,  Loma Mar

* Vice President:  Al Mallamo, Burlingame

* Secretary:  Jim Williams,       Half Moon Bay

 * Pat O'Coffey:  South Skyline

* Peggy Wargo:  South Skyline

* Peter Wainright, Half Moon Bay

Standing Committee members meet for training and for emergency drills at the Coastside Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) and at other locations. 


Ari Delay, CalFire Battalion Chief, is primarily active in Branch 3 of the CEC, covering the southern part of the Coastside. This photo shows Ari training CEC volunteers at the CEOC

Winter storm emergency drill briefing at the Coastside Emergency Operations Center (CEOC)

CEC volunteers being briefed before emergency drill at the CEOC


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